YouTube Video Marketing Results; 60 Days in the Video Content Creation Business

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What’s the value of creating YouTube videos of your business ideas? And if YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google, doesn’t that mean Google owns everything? Here are the results of my video efforts on YouTube. Perhaps I need to try Vimeo too.

UPDATE: Check out the newest results of this content strategy, Content Marketing with YouTube Video (3 Month Results)

SUMMARY: I had 1,200+ views of my videos on YouTube, primarily viewed from my blog. So while the Videos themselves did not drive traffic from YouTube to, the value of having video content, and the resulting 600 views a month is nothing to sneeze at. So it may not have been what I expected, but SEO for YouTube in the “social media” space is pretty hard to get traction.

Here are the current stats (60 days) on my YouTube Social Media Marketing in Less Than 2 Minutes Videos.

  1. Visual Intro to Social Media Marketing (302 views)
  2. Google Analytics in Under Two Minutes (220 views)
  3. Social Media for Business Leads (199 views)
  4. How Can a Social Media Strategist Help Your Business (117 views)
  5. Getting Social Content Beyond the Page (112 views)
  6. Social Media Content Marketing and LinkedIN Groups (81 views)
  7. Google+ Hangout with Steve Jobs (79 views)
  8. New Twitter Features for Social Connecting (68 views)
  9. Twitter Marketing Scam – Lots of Bogus Tweets (35 views)

1,213 Total Views

Okay, that’s all well and good, but let’s see if any YouTube traffic came the other way. (YouTube > to > Here are my Google Analytics Referrals for the last 60 days:

top referrals to a small business blog - 60 day results
click to see full-size chart

So from this metric, I’m not seeing the traffic love coming to my blog FROM YouTube. And surprizingly, even though I socialize with Digg on every post, I got FOUR referrals in 60 days. (My how the Digg has fallen!)

The most interesting statistic for referrals was how much better the referrals were from LinkedIN. A lot fewer bounces, a lot longer on the site and the highest number of pages visited. So my previous recommendation on LinkedIN is still proving to be on target, for my specific niche and social media strategy topics.

Was the YouTube content worth it? Absolutely. 1,200+ views is better than I had hoped for. I have a few more videos in the hopper that I want to get out there in the next week. And the good thing is, most of the videos are “evergreen.” (Meaning they are relevant long past the posting date: everyone needs to learn Google Analytics at some point.) I am building up my resource library, and hopefully providing a service for free.

John McElhenney

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