Content Marketing with YouTube Video (Reporting 3 Month Results)

With 13 social media videos on YouTube I am reporting my results to-date. The first video was an Intro To Social Media Marketing in 90-seconds. I posted 2 versions in early November 2011. The two most popular videos Social Media for Business Leads on Nov. 11, and Google Analytics on Nov 17th have received over 550 views combined. My less serious Sh*t Social Media Strategists Say has gotten almost 300 views since Feb. 1.

Here is the dense reporting chart I have created to represent my results.

3 Months of Content Marketing with Video on YouTube
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So overall, the referral traffic coming from YouTube back to is very low. (disappointing) And Digg referrals are even lower. And the engagement pattern suggests that the initial social media promotions are what drive traffic to the video. Even though I have clear links and even a new Social U. tab, the visitors are not getting to the videos as a source of information. Even though we know the content is still relevant and useful.

Recommendations: figure out how to continue to promote the video lessons via social media, without becoming spammy. And find ways to highlight the benefits of the content on the site more effectively.

Action Taken: Created a Video Category in both POSTS and LINKS. Here’s how they show up now on the page.

At the top of my LINKS column:

Video Links Category

And as a Category under Social Media:

Video Category under Social Media

I will report back in 30 days to see if this had any uplift effect on the video content.

It’s interesting that the non-critical video has the highest view rate. And, I need to check, but perhaps it is driving some of the “within YouTube” referrals. I have another video content created in Prezi, I need to do the voiceover and edit today and get some new video into the stream.

The single slide chart of these results is published on Video Marketing Results with YouTube

See all of the Social Media Marketing Videos on the Social U. page.

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