YouTube Video Marketing with Social Media: Reporting Results

Does YouTube Video work for generating business?On October 28th I launched my first concentrated effort on YouTube by posting my Visual Resume. With YouTube being the 2nd largest search engine, it’s always recommended that you add video to your social marketing efforts. So I set out to create several videos to highlight social media or online marketing concepts in “less-than-two-minutes.”

My belief was if I could provide something of value, an actionable idea, in such a short time, I was being of service. We’re too busy to follow every learning opportunity. And who’s got the time to go through a 50 slide powerpoint presentation? So here are the results after my first 3 weeks. Again, I’m sharing in the hope of illuminating some of the benefits and challenges of this strategy.

Views as of Nov. 19, 2011: 441 views on YouTube. (here’s the complete YouTube playlist if you want to see them together)

  1. John McElhenney – visual resume – social media – Introduction to Social Media in 90-seconds. 150 views in 21 days. (91 first “mobile” version, 21 wifi version, 38 new “mobile” version with added call to action at the end.)
  2. New Twitter Features for Social Connecting. 40 views in 8 days.
  3. Social Media for Business Leads: Social Marketing in 90-seconds. 86 views in 10 days.
  4. Google+ Hangout with Steve Jobs. 54 views in 6 days.
  5. How Can a Social Media Strategist Help Your Business? 67 views in 3 days.
  6. Google Analytics in Under Two Minutes 30 views in 2 days.
  7. Social Media Content Marketing and LinkedIN Groups. 14 views in 1 day.

And that’s just the YouTube views. What about the views and tweets of landing pages leading to the videos?

  1. Visual Resume – 33 + 6 tweets by others
  2. Twitter Features – 41 – 0 tweeets by others
  3. Social Business – 89 views + 6 tweets by others
  4. Google Hangout – 49 + 2 tweets by others
  5. Social Strategist – 90 views + 10 tweets by others
  6. Google Analytics – 78 + 6 tweets by others
  7. Socializing Content – (published Monday, 11-21-11)

I need to get better at orienting my content to my readers AND potential consulting clients. The Twitter and Google+ Hangout posts were less popular.

And I also adjusted my strategy on the last two posts How Can a Social Media Strategist Help Your Business? and Google Analytics in Under Two Minutes. I tried to include the most useful information on the page as well. So if my visitors are video-adverse they could get the benefit of the learning even quicker and without leaving my site.

And finally I wanted learn if any of the YouTube views bringing people back to my site. I mean the goal is to put YouTube content out there that drives business, right?

Social Media Video Referrals from YouTube

No so much, YET. But, yesterday, I added a single line of content at the top of each YouTube description: Get more social media tips and strategies at So let’s see how that affects the referrals over the next week or so.

The TakeAway: Video is a huge way that people consume content on the web. By creating videos that offer social media business learnings in under two minutes, I’m going to learn what works and what doesn’t. Do business owners and potential consulting clients consume video to learn about social media? Will my video efforts show ROI? (The only I is time at this point.)

And I’m happy to share the results with you as I learn. If you have any requests for next topics post them in the comments or send them to me. Maybe I should do a poll. (grin) Do let me know if I can help your business get into social media.

UPDATE: Wow, people are diggin this post today, Saturday. Not usually a huge social media day. Thanks everyone! Now go watch those videos, okay? Check this Topsy stats link. This morning the Topsy link says 122 Tweets about this post. Amazing. I guess I’m getting an answer. Would love to get some ideas for what to cover next either in the comments or via email. THANKS AGAIN, you made my weekend.

UPDATE: A new chart on using Video for social marketing.

Social media using video marketing

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